Key Assets

Engineering Contractor:

Highway Safety Barriers /Signage and Renewable Energy

Signed Contract Backlog of $25mm +

Our firm has been engaged to seek an investor, joint venture partner or buyer for Modern Alloys, Inc. (the “Company”), a 53 year old engineering contractor specializing in the management and construction of concrete and steel highway safety barriers, overhead signage, and renewable energy infrastructure. Licensed in five states including CA, AZ, UT, NV and CO.

2012 Revenue: $17 mm

Highway Construction Division

This division manages constructs, installs and maintains metal beam guardrails, concrete barriers and overhead sign structures in Southern California and throughout the western United States. Manufacturing capabilities include patented and patent‐pending technologies such as stamped concrete and concrete drain pipe. Capabilities also include galvanized stamped steel guardrails and the building of specialty cast‐in‐place concrete foundations. The Company is the largest guard rail installer in the western US.


Energy Construction Division

This division provides construction services to energy power plants, wind turbine developers, solar thermal energy plants, defense firms, utilities and government facilities, and the telecommunications and aerospace industries, covering all facets of the renewable energy industry including: Wind Energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Parabolic Trough Solar Energy, Solar Thermal Tower Energy, and Dish Sterling Solar Energy.

Land & Building: Leased 1.5 acres with 2 building(s) totaling 7400 sq. ft.

Equipment Overview: The Company operates specialized machinery with more than 25 unique forms.  Equipment consists of service and utility trucks, trailers, earth moving equipment, truck mounted posthole diggers and post drivers. Additionally, there are two Miller Formless Slip Formers that pour concrete into forms used to create concrete center dividers (barriers) on highways.


This is an excellent opportunity for an investor or buyer to purchase an established leader in  the management and construction of highway safety and renewable energy infrastructure, with a seasoned management team, employees, and significant backlog of signed contracts in place.