Key Assets

Location:    Centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Miles from Clayton: Philadelphia-61, Baltimore-90, New Your City-132, Harrisburg-137, Richmond-194, Norfolk-208.

Facility:    Desmet Ballestra design constructed by Fagen Engineering featuring: over 250,000 gallons of tank storage in a dyke with nitrogen blanketing, feedstock pretreatment with bleaching and filtration, free fatty acid reduction with Glycerolysis, final methyl ester distillation, 10 MBTU thermal oil system, Norfolk Southern rail, truck and rail loading/ unloading.

The refinery can be adapted to perform a variety of other chemical processing operations or serve as a distribution facility for any liquid handling operation or trans-loader.

Licenses:     IRS 637, RFS 1&2, Air Permit and all applicable local licenses.

Status:  Idle with multiple engineering scenarios for refinery enhancements and start-up.