Alex Dove


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Key Assets

Assets Formerly of ArcelorMittal’s Finishing Steel Mill

Global Online Auction

Hennepin, IL

To include the following Assets:

Over 1,000 Lots

–          Large Quantities of Large Capacity Overhead Cranes

–          Large Capacities of Spare Parts for Cranes including Magnets

–          Large Quantities of Electrical Spare Parts

–          Never Been Used and Refurbished Motors

–          Large Quantities of Stanley Vidmar Parts Cabinets inclusive of Assorted Contents

–          Complete Auto Repair Shop

–          Large Quantities of Hand Tools and Toolboxes

–          Assorted Welders, Fire Suppression Equipment, Etc.

–          Pumps, Motors and other Support Equipment

–          Breaks, Benders, Ladders and Assorted Material Handling Equipment

–          Large Capacities Tanks

–          Wiring Spools, Barricades, Grating and Assorted Support and Scaffolding

–          Assorted Test and Measurement Equipment

–          Large Quantities of Material Handling Equipment

–          Lockers, Racks and Assorted Shop Equipment

–          And Much More!