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Trademark Info:      http://www.purebred

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Deadline for submission of Sealed Bids –  September 28, 2017 – noon PDT

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  • Purebred Product Formulas
  • Purebred Customer List
  • Purebred Website and Domain Names
  • All Associated Trademark and Product Goodwill

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These Trademarks Have Demonstrable Value – In 2003 An Infringer Was Required To Pay $5.9 Million To Purebred For Having Infringed!

Purebred is a superior brand name for either a new pet food product launch or a re-branding of a an existing pet food brand – No Product Recalls In Its 30 Year Plus History!

Purebred Sealed Bid Auction Bid Submission Form and Terms & Conditions

Those wishing wishing access to Purebred Confidential Information for Due Diligence purposes please execute the Non-Disclosure Agreement on the link below and email to Doug Berman –

Purebred Trademark Sealed Bid Auction Nondisclosure Agreement