Industrial Machine Tools

Heritage Global Partners and our worldwide network of specialists are the leading conductor of sales in the industrial machine tool sector, outpacing other firms in the industry. From the beginning, our business has built a foundation and focused on this lucrative area. As a result, our industry specialists have gained unsurpassed knowledge of the multitude of sub-asset classes; the machinery, their installed bases, and the end of life support required to maintain their usage.

Over the decades, HGP has expanded into one of the most respected and innovative companies of its kind. Our company upholds a rich history within the asset advisory and auction realm, spanning nearly 80 years of experience and now in its third generation of management.

As an industry leader, our combined mailing lists are by far the most comprehensive in the marketplace. We have the expertise to predict which asset will sell best in select markets. All asset classes are recognized, including CNC machining and turning, robotics, fabrication, welding, forming, finishing, tool room, manual tooling, facility equipment, and much more.

EC Manufacturing

HGP managed the global online auction for EC Manufacturing in early 2016. High-quality technology and industrial assets were part of this 3-day sale. The catalog of items included late-model lasers, air compressors, machine tools, and robots with controllers extending over 350 lots.

Hoerbiger Compression Technology

Hoerbiger Compression Technology, a leading manufacturer of compression technology including high-quality lubrication systems and sealing components, was one of the most recent auctions with featured metal working and machine shop assets spanning over five locations and several hundred lots.

Featured assets included: Leadwell LTC-20AP CNC turning machine, Topwell milling machine, 50 Tonne hydraulic press, and a Goff make automatic steel shot blaster, among others.

Heritage Global Partners’ portfolio in the industrial machine tools sector includes experience working with companies such as: Boeing, Georgia-Pacific, Raytheon, Coleman, ThyssenKrupp, among other forces in the industry.

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