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Global Sealed Bid Auction of the Windgrabber® Wind Energy Power Patent Portfolio – Excellent Opportunity to Acquire Sophisticated Alternative Energy Technology

Deadline for Bid Submission – March 24, 2020

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WINDGRABBER® is a USPTO patented & trademarked new wind energy conversion system technology for integrating most any current or emerging commercially available wind turbine system of a unique and specified, more conservative & safe design into buildings of any size.

WINDGRABBER® is a novel new integrated building, rooftop, or tower mounted wind turbine system with current commercialization planned for up to 500 kWe. The WINDGRABBER® system is both socially and economically attractive in an environmentally friendly manner. The system concentrates and utilizes the available energy in the wind via a passively or actively yawed inlet air scoop or scoops using a relatively low speed and low noise generating air turbine design using a multi-phased wind inlet air flow section or sections of air impact and drag flow design.

WINDGRABBER® Power is derived primarily from maximizing the differential pressure created across a building containing a fully Integrated WINDGRABBER® Wind Turbine System at least partially within it, while minimizing the mass air flow velocities required through the building’s associated air supply and exhaust flow channels. These relatively low air velocity flow channels can simultaneously be cross-purpose-utilized by building occupants as multi-purpose recreational, casual dining, theme park or business meeting areas while efficient wind power is being generated!

The WINDGRABBER® wind turbine system preferentially utilizes a combination radial out-flow, cross-flow, reaction-impulse type wind turbine of either Squirrel Cage, Savonius or Darrieus type configuration and design, using either a single or double axial flow inlet of centrifugal fan design, with backwardly curved, air foil type air blades. The wind turbine uses the air power instead of the wind power equations, combined with the associated resistances and shock losses related to the air flow through the  converging and diverging flow channels and wind impact – drag sections, as well as through the wind turbine assembly itself, to determine system wind energy conversion effectiveness with respect to the Betz limit as well as overall system net efficiencies. Low pressure drop screens may be provided at the various inlets and outlets to protect birds and other small mammals from being drawn into rotating components, as required.

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