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Key Assets

By order of the US Bankruptcy Court; Case # 13-12399-BLS

Our firm has been retained to seek an immediate sale of the assets of Electric Mobile Cars, LLC. The company was formed in 2010 to manufacture battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs) in Dallas, Texas. A pre-production car was developed by modifying “off-the-shelf” chassis and drive train components, and using a nickel sodium battery, which is considered to be much safer that the typical lithium ion batteries used in other BEVs. Numerous structural, body and chassis modifications/reinforcements were made to the vehicle (known as a glider in the battery powered vehicle industry) as per USA government crash test requirements. The final product (a BEV) is named “EMC Model E36.” The company was not able to secure funding to finalize development, the Dallas operation was closed, and all assets have been moved to Portland, Maine.
Assets Include:

2 Fully Modified Battery Powered Electric Vehicles:

  • Fully modified station wagon and cargo van with electric drive train and instrument cluster installed, bumper and door reinforcements completed.

43 Pre-Production Car Fleet:

  • Vehicles are in various states of modification. (There are several pick-up truck and cargo van models as well)

Drive Train Components:

  • An assortment of drive train components consisting of nickel sodium batteries, Berg Warner transmissions, electric motors, drive shafts, wire harnesses, air conditioning compressors, heater boxes, separation plates, chargers and inverters, etc..

Crash Test Study:

  • Crash test completed by one of the top testing facilities in the US. This test is required for the fully modified BEV to move to the next step in the vehicle registration process.


  • Assortment of angle iron, sheet steel and steel tubing.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase assets that can be used to create a fleet of battery powered electric vehicles, or for research and development in the battery powered electric vehicle space. Key personnel available to walk buyer through acquisition and assembly of all components needed to complete modifications.

Auction to be held on April 9, Bid deadline April 7, Sale Hearing April 17, 2014
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