Key Assets




Our client, Polyvulc USA, seeks an immediate sale of one or more of its tire recycling and injection molding business units (or machinery and equipment, real estate, permits, and/or product lines).   The companies hold one of only two tire recycling permits in the state of Mississippi and one of only four in Louisiana.  $6.3 million total annual revenue.


Polyvulc USA, Inc. – Vicksburg, MS – Annual Revenue of $1.5 million

Buy or lease real property (approx. 85,000 sq. ft. building on 13.14 acres), or move the equipment and/or product lines.  Valuable riverfront property (and seller also owns contiguous waterfront parcels).

Injection molding of recycled plastics into two proprietary patented products:  Pier Pads – Perfect foundation pads with approvals for manufactured homes; and PolyWalls – Retaining wall support system for higher end manufactured homes.


Polyvulc USA also has a steel reclaim system (Grizzly Shredder) – Annual Revenue of $1.2 million.   Currently located in Vicksburg, can be moved to Jackson site, or elsewhere.  This equipment is used to extract steel wire from rubber, which is then sold to steel producers.  The clean rubber is sold to subsidiaries for further processing and to outside paper mills for TDF (tire-derived fuel).

Polyvulc USA purchases tire chips and processed waste wire/rubber materials from its subsidiaries:


Polyvulc Tire Recycling, LLC – Jackson, MS – Annual Revenue of $1.4 million

Buy or lease real property (20,000 sq. ft. in two buildings on 6.2 acres), or move the equipment.  Excellent location close to large supply of tires.  Tire shredding facility takes in whole tires and shreds down to approximately a ¾ – 2 inch size rubber chip.  The chips are sold to subsidiaries for grinding into smaller sized powders or for use in steel reclaim system (Grizzly).  Also sells into the playground industry and as fuel to the paper mill industry.  The company is paid about $100/ton from tire haulers for accepting whole tires.  Capacity of 30,000 tons annually.


Winnsboro Rubber Recycling, Inc. – Winnsboro, LA – Annual Revenue of $2.2 million

Can assume lease with city of Winnsboro (70,000 sq. ft building on 6 Acres) or move equipment.

A crumb rubber plant that takes rubber chips from Polyvulc and grinds them into fine-grind rubber powders (40 and 10 mesh), which are sold into various markets including asphalt, athletic fields, roofing, and soaker hose industries.  In addition to chips from Polyvulc, Winnsboro also takes in whole tires as a shredding facility (nets $75/ton) and shreds for its own raw material. Capacity to do 40,000,000 lbs. annually.


Other Addresses Include:

Polyvulc Tire Recycling, LLC

2845 Meter Road
Jackson, MS 39204


Winnsboro Rubber Recycling, Inc.

3000 Industrial Drive
Winnsboro, LA 71295