Key Assets

Global Private Treaty Sale of Surplus to Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical Packaging and Processing Equipment in St. Louis and Maryland Heights, MO.


One (2006) IMA / Precision Gears LTD Model TR 100 XL Stand alone Blister Packaging Machine

One (2007) Radiation Sheilded Hot Cell Van Gahlen Model 1943 Hot Cell Enclosure

One (2008) Bausch Type 534 Filling and Closing Machine

One (1998) Powrex FM-VG-50 Hi Shear Vertical Granulator

One (1997) Powrex FM-VG-25 Hi Shear Vertical Granulator

 One (2002) AMS Heavy duty Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

One Thoroblender 10′ Diameter Welded Construction with Built In Delumper

One Frymar Colloid Mill with Mixer & 65 liter tank

and more….