Key Assets

Pasta Manufacturing Facility

Yauco, Puerto Rico —Accelerated Sale Process

Valuable Brand Name and Commercial Real Estate
Significant Tax Incentives Available For Puerto Rican Businesses

Our firm has been retained to seek a buyer for Borinquen Macaroni, Corp., a four line water and semolina flour-based pasta manufacturing facility with long, short, and twisted goods capabilities, along with the 50 year old “Excelsior Pasta” brand name and numerous registered trademarks and patents. This is the only pasta manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico and is conveniently located within 2 miles of the major highway between the east and west sides of the island. Revenue, when operating, was approximately $4.4 million annually in Puerto Rico alone. Although the plant is currently shut down, the marketplace continues to demand the product and is eager to see production resumed.

Facility Overview:
 Approximately 45,000 sq. ft. on 4 acres.
 City supplied electric, water, and sewer.
 10,000 gallon above ground water tank with underground recycling tank.
 Diesel powered boiler with 10,000 gallon fuel tank in environmentally safe enclosure.
 Separate mechanical, mess hall, and parts storage buildings on the property.

Manufacturing Overview:
 Line 1: Fully automatic long goods line (spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, etc.), 2-step drying, and packaging for ½ and 1 lb. boxes.
 Line 2: Semi-automatic long goods line (set up for lasagna), 2-step drying, and packaging for ½ and 1 lb. boxes.
 Line 3: Fully automatic short goods line (elbow, rigatoni, ziti, penne, etc.), 3- step drying, and packaging for ½ and 1lb. boxes.
 Line 4: Fully automatic twisted goods line (nested long goods), 2 step drying, and packaging for 6oz and 12oz bags. This line includes manufacturing equipment by Mattesse that is extremely rare and desirable.

This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the lucrative tax incentives to acquire a business located in Puerto Rico with a well-known brand name, and the market waiting for the product to be made available again. Owners will also consider selling the real estate, brand name and equipment separately.

Seeking court approval for auction to be held on May 21, 2015 with May 18th bid deadline.