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Going Concern Sale Seeking An  Equity Investor, Joint  Venture Partner, Or Buyer For Hawken Energy, Inc. (“Hawken Or “The Company”), One Of The Country’s Leading Manufacturers Of Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces.

This 12 year old operation manufactures various models using a patent pending technology tested and certified by the EPA to meet their 2015 NSPS emissions standards.  EPA regulations enacted this year have made all traditional outdoor wood furnaces illegal, therefore, while most other companies either have withdrawn, or will be withdrawing, from the market, Hawken will be assuming large chunks of market share.

Hawken markets 3 different sized EPA approved and UL listed residential units (Max BTU of 144,000, 193,000 and 248,000).  In addition, the Company offers 2 different sized commercial units and is in development of a 6th unit that will meet all emission standards for export to the UK and sold through an established distribution channel.  Furnaces are sold entirely through Hawken’s network of more than 200 dealers in 23 states.

There are over 30 million US homes in cold climates that do not have access to the natural gas pipeline.  Most of these homes are heated with propane, fuel oil or electricity, all of which are historically very expensive.  These people need a long-term, cost effective solution for heat, and preferably one that is environmentally friendly.  Wood and other biomass fuels are carbon neutral and (with the right technology) can be burned clean and with minimal maintenance to the furnace.  9.8 Million U.S homes currently use wood as the primary heating fuel.

This is an outstanding opportunity to purchase a leader in the industry with a proven patent pending technology that will allow the company to capture huge market share.  While the company is positioned to be profitable in current market conditions, it will be even more so when fossil fuel prices skyrocket to levels that were seen in 2008, which will add an additional 57 million homes and a large base of commercial businesses to the target market of those likely to seek alternative fuels.



– Currently the second largest manufacturer in the industry, poised to be number 1.

– Michigan based.

– Patent pending technology that meets or exceeds strict new EPA  2015 NSPS Standards.

– 90% of competitors’ products are obsolete due to recent EPA regulations.

– Experienced management team in place.

– Huge market of potential customers.

– The industry’s technology, price and quality leader.

– Lucrative opportunity providing replacement parts for thousands of existing furnaces.

–  Over 200 dealers in 23 states.



– 15,000 sq. ft. heated assembly and production building and 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse on 5 acres (available for lease or purchase)

– 2,500 sq. ft. headquarters office

– 3,122 sq. ft. remote sales office