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Sealed Bid Sale Of Patent Portfolio By Order of Howard Marc Spector, As Receiver for: Integrated Drilling Equipment LLC (d/b/a IEC-Systems and Advanced Rig Services) & Integrated Drilling Equipment Company Holdings, LLC.

Integrated Drilling Equipment – Background

In 2015 Houston based Integrated Drilling Equipment company exited the Drilling Rig Building business. The patents comprising the remaining Patent Portfolio are from that Drilling Rig Building business.

Patent Portfolio Report & Sealed Bid Auction 6.20.17

US Patent # 8,555,564 Drilling Rig Assembly Method and Apparatus

Abstract: A method to assemble a drilling rig includes providing a base structure of the drilling rig, stacking a rig floor including a derrick on the base structure, actuating lifting cylinders to lift the rig floor above the base structure, inserting at least one first upper box between the base structure and the rig floor, and retracting the lifting cylinders to set the rig floor atop the at least one first upper box.


US Patent # 8,959,874 Portable Drilling Rig Apparatus and Assembly Method

Abstract: A portable drilling rig apparatus includes a rig floor having a pedestal structure thereon, the pedestal structure comprising a lower pivot point and a lower attachment point and wherein the pedestal structure is configured to be rotated to a vertical position about the lower pivot point. The drilling rig further includes a mast structure having a mast pivot point at a lower end of the mast structure wherein the mast pivot point is configured to be pinned to an upper pivot point of the pedestal structure.


US Patent # 9,133,643 Drilling Rig Assembly Method and Apparatus

Abstract: A drilling rig including a base structure, a lifting device attached to the base structure, and a rig floor comprising a derrick and drilling equipment disposed thereon, in which the lifting device is configured to lift the rig floor so that at least one box may be inserted between the base structure and the rig floor, the rig floor having load points attached thereto and configured to be aligned with the lifting device.