Key Assets

By Order of US Bankruptcy Court Case # 18-50403 – Chapter 11 – Western District of Texas

This sale is conducted on behalf of WiseWear Corporation, Debtor In Possession, Case No. 18-50403 Pending in the Western District of Texas Bankruptcy Court.  The sale is subject to final court approval.   A motion to approve sale shall be filed by the Debtor within 5 days of completion of the auction.

Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been appointed by the US Bankruptcy Court to conduct a Sealed-Bid Auction of WiseWear Corp’s Intellectual Property.  The Deadline for Bid Submission will be May 22, 2018.

WiseWear is an award-winning “Internet of Things” (IoT) company.  “The Internet of Things” is a very high profile category of Intellectual Property defined as: “the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.”

WiseWear specializes in the design, creation, and manufacturing of smart, connected, and beautiful internet of things (IoT) products for consumer, military, and medical applications.  WiseWear’s vision and goal is to make “technology invisible” and achieves this by seamlessly integrating proprietary biosensing and wireless communication technologies into everyday items.

The auction will consist of WiseWear’s: Granted Patents & Patent Applications, Trademarks, & Domain Name (exclusive of current website and website content)

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