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By Order of US Bankruptcy Court Case # 17-06513 -Chapter 7-  Richard Kipperman, Trustee

Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks to conduct Sealed-Bid Auction of Intellectual Property of Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. – Skin Care Patents and Trademarks

Deadline for Bid Submission – June 8, 2018

Cosmederm Bioscience was a specialty pharmaceuticual company that manufactured and marketed pharmaceuticals in the cosmeceutical and OTC drug categories.  During its corporate existence it offered topical dermatological skin creams and products under the Cosmederm and Refinity brand names.  The company was founded in 1999, was based in San Diego and was a subsidiary of Evofem, Inc.

The remaining Intellectual Property of Cosmederm Bioscience is the subject of this Sealed-Bid Auction and can be found on the links below.

Click here for Cosmederm Bioscience Patent Portfolio Report

Click here for spreadsheet of Cosmederm Bioscience Worldwide Granted Patents and Patent Applications

Click Here for Cosmederm Bioscience IP Auction Bid Submission Form