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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks announces the auction of a “Self-Rescuing” Vehicle Tire Track System – US Patent # 9,796,434

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Genesis of the invention from the inventor, Mohammad Alidan:

“My goal in developing this patent was to develop a way of minimizing the likelihood of drivers’ vehicles becoming trapped in sandy or snowy backcountry terrain and being unable to extricate their vehicles from what can be a very dangerous or potentially life-threatening situation.

Tragically there have been deaths reported of drivers who had perished after their vehicles had become immobilized in the remote desert sand and being unable to summon help due to lack of cell phone network availability in these remote areas.

The typical response to finding oneself in such a dilemma is to dig down around the wheels to try and free the vehicle, but that often proves ineffective.  The “Self-Rescuing” nature of this invention is designed to address this problem.”