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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been retained to conduct a Sealed-Bid Auction of the Intellectual Property of Proxy Technologies, Inc.  The IP is inclusive of Proxy Technology’s Drone Patent Portfolio and associated Trademarks. The Intellectual Property will be sold as one auction lot to the highest bidder.

Proxy Technologies Inc. designed, developed and supplied optionally piloted aircraft and multi-aircraft cooperative flight control systems for the U.S. government and the commercial sector.  Formerly known as Proxy Aviation Systems, Inc., the company changed its name to Proxy Technologies Inc. in September 2012, and transferred its assets to IRIS ISR, Inc in 2017.

The company’s technology includes:

  • Software and hardware implementations that enable cooperative, collaborative communications and distributed control of a swarm of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle or drones) or autonomous vehicles for use in a variety of scenarios including GPS denied zones, loss of ground communications, high radio latency or distance from ground-based transmitters/receivers.
  • Technology that enables cooperative flight and enhanced avoidance detection, situational awareness and autonomous insight generation and reaction based on multiple sensors, receivers and communications between UAVs.
  • Virtual Pilot / Virtual Operator, a rules-based software system for distributed control, communications, and cuing between UAVs equipped with flight control and rules-based flight systems and/or ground control systems.
  • Universal Distributed Management System enabling integration with existing ground stations and communication networks.
  • Cooperative Control, a Virtual Pilot / Virtual Operator allowing individual platforms to share messages with each other.
  • SkyRaider, a heavy payload (over 1,700 lbs.) high persistence, unmanned fixed winged aircraft with capability for ATOL (autonomous take-off and landing) as well as ability for autonomous flight or optional pilot control.


Proxy Technologies systems have been used in various applications including:

  • Homeland Security, Coastal Surveillance, Border Patrols, Drug Interdiction
  • Aerial Mapping, Natural Disaster Humanitarian Relief


The Patent Porfolio includes Granted Patents and Patent Applications in:

United States, Canada, European Patent Office, Australia, Mexico, India, Israel,  and PCT (International).

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