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Heritage Global Patents & Trademarks has been retained to sell Arnco Group LLC Patent # US 7,404,466 “Locking Pin Locator”

This patent contains the technology underlying the Arnco Group LLC “Tandem Locking Pin Locator” product which is currently being sold at Truck Stops and Online.

This is the, “Why didn’t I think of that??!!” product of the Trucking industry.

From Billy G. Vollenweider, President of the Detroiter Travel Center:

“The last year I owned my business, we sold over 500 of the “Locking Pin Locators”. We never received a single complaint or return of any of the locators. As a matter of fact we received numerous positive comments form the drivers. I operated an “Interstate Auto/Truck Plaza” and sold them in our retail store. The product worked as described. The most amazing fact about these locators was that we never received one complaint nor one return.

I do not understand why every fleet doesn’t equip all of their trucks with this device. The savings in time and efficiency are invaluable. The other great advantage in using the “Locking Pin Locator” is the safety factor. It is no secret that each and every time the driver has to climb in and out of his cab, the risk of a fall increases. This device cuts down on the driver getting in and out of his cab saving millions in insurance claims.

Whoever continues with the development of this device stands to make a small fortune. It can be sold to OEM’s, individual drivers and to fleets.”

Billy G. Vollenweider, President,  Detroiter Travel Cen

Fleet Owners – Click Here to For Fuel Savings Calculator and ROI From Use of Locking Pin Locator

The patent describes the Locking Pin Locator as follows:

This invention relates to a portable locking pin locator device for use by the driver of a semi truck for locating the trailer of the truck in the proper position over the tandem axle under the trailer to achieve the correct and legal weight and balance relative to the different wheel locations of the truck.

Semi trucks consist of a tractor and trailer.  For legal and safety concerns the loads carried in the trailers must meet state and federal weight requirements.  This can be accomplished most often by postioning the trailer over the tandems in the rear of the trailer.  Weight limitations apply to the steers, the drives and the tandems.  Movement of the trailer over the tandems affect the weight at all three locations the steers, the drives and the tandems.  The trailer is constructed to slide back and forth over the tandems until the proper position is achieved and then locked into that position.

Patent US 7,404,466 and the Tandem Locking Pin Locator product designed from that patent removes the repeated trial and error guesswork often required to achieve that proper positioning, by lining it up properly the first time.

Potential Buyers of this patent would include:

  • Trailer Manufacturers
  • Truck (Big Rig) Manufacturers
  • Trucking Fleet Companies
  • Trucking Associations (National and State Associations)
  • Truck Stop Owners
  • Truck Driver Schools
  • Trucking Equipment / Distributors / Retailers
  • Branding Companies
  • Individual Entrepreneurs

Included in the sale will be 6 of the Generation I Locking Pin Locator Product, and 6 of the Generation II Locking Pin Locator Product.

The successful high bidder will have the option to purchase the Manufacturing Molds for a fixed price of $10,000.

Click here to view Patent US 7,404,466 Locking Pin Locator

Click Here to View “Locking Pin Locator” Video

The Locking Pin Locator reduces the number of times a driver must get in and out of the truck to properly position the trailer.  This greatly reduces the potential for driver slip and fall injuries, resulting in higher driver availability and productivity.  More drivers are injured every year from stationary vehicles than by any other single cause.  Click Here to view excerpts from studies demonstrating this