Key Assets

By Order of Beaulieu Liquidating Trust:  Global Sealed Bid Auction of Beaulieu: Intellectual Property of World Renowned World Carpet Manufacturer

Deadline for Sealed Bid Submission – April 18, 2019

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Auction to Include:  All rights of Beaulieu Group, LLC and/or the Beaulieu Liquidating Trust to various Patents & Trademarks, including: BLISS BY BEAULIEU HEALTHYTOUCH and BLISS BY BEAULIEU EVERCLEAN.

BEAULIEU LIQUIDATING TRUST PATENTS:   Beaulieu Worldwide Patent Portfolio consisting of 24 Granted Carpet Manufacturing Patents and 4 Patent Applications.  Click Her to View Patent List     The inventions include:

  • Yarn Accumulator
  • Polymer Manufacturing Process
  • Thermoplastic Polymer Composition
  • Lightweight Carpet Product and Method of Manufacture
  • Carpet Tile with Better Ventilation During installation
  • Recyclable Carpet Comprising Hot Melt Adhesive Composition.

BEAULIEU LIQUIDATING TRUST TRADEMARKS:  The Beaulieu Trademark Portfolio is comprised of two sets of trademark rights:

1.Full ownership (subject to an expiring one year sell-off license expiring 12/31/19) for over 40 US trademarks, including brands: Click Here to View Trademarks

    • SILVER RELEASE and the “NICEST CARPET IN THE WORLD” slogan for various carpet, carpet tile, carpet yarn and textiles, and carpet treatment goods and services.

2.  An exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, license to hundreds of international trademark registrations for many of the same and additional Beaulieu brands, including the following marks AVAILABLE FOR USAGE ONLY OUTSIDE THE U.S.  Click Here to View List

    • BOLYU
    • QWELL
    • and others registered in markets around the world