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Global Sealed-Bid Auction By Order of US Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of North Carolina Case # 15-06193-5-SWH

Martin Manufacturing: Innovative Combination Wheelchair & Exam Table System

Auction shall consist of all remaining assets of Martin Manufacturing:  Patents, Trademarks, Equipment, and Materials Inventory and shall be grouped together as one all-inclusive auction lot.

Bid Submission Deadline:  June 14, 2019 – 5pm Pacific

Martin Manufacturing IP Sealed-Bid Auction Bid Submission Form 6.14.2019.2

Martin Manufacturing’s flagship product, the Chair-A-Table® was an FDA approved “Safe Patient Handling” (SPH) system comprised of two integrated components:  1) a Procedure I Exam Table and 2) a Docking Wheelchair.

The functioning of the Chair-A-Table system significantly reduced the danger of injury (to both patient and caregiver alike) via the docking of the wheelchair to the exam table and the motorized transition of the wheelchair (minus the removable side rails) into the exam table.   This eliminated the dangerous necessity of lifting the patient from the wheelchair onto an exam table – and likewise from the exam table back into the wheelchair.   The Chair-A-Table system promoted patient and caregiver safety, facilitated physician access to the patient, and very importantly promoted the dignity of the patient throughout the process.

Many State Legislatures have instituted Safe Patient Handling requirements.  Studies have demonstrated that investment in SPH reduces costs to health care facilities.  After Stanford University Medical Center invested $800,000 in its SPH program it reported saving $2.2 million over five years from reduced worker compensation claims. A 2013 study by Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute determined savings of $3.71 for every $1.00 invested in SPH training.

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