Key Assets

Global Sealed-Bid Auction Of 45 Patents From Inventor Holdings, LLC, A Subsidiary Of Walker Innovation Inc., Consisting Of Varied Technology Categories

Patent Categories:  Banking, Digital, Gaming, Healthcare, Imaging, Lottery, Sales, Security, TV, Vending, Workforce

Walker Innovation IP Sealed-Bid Auction Bid Submission Form

Walker Innovation was a NASDAQ publicly traded company (WLKR) that elected to self-liquidate.  The Inventor Holdings patents for sale in this auction were part of the Inventor Holdings subsidiary of Walker Innovation.  Walker Innovation sought to develop and commercialize its unique portfolio of intellectual property assets through its licensing and enforcement operations.

Jay Walker, one of America’s best known inventors and entrepreneurs, served as Executive Chairman of Walker Innovation until September 2018. He is perhaps best known as the Founder of travel giant Priceline which is now part of Booking Holdings with an approximate $80 Billion stock market value.  Jay Walker is named on more than 500 patents and applications, making him one of the most prolific inventors in the world.

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