Online Bidding: HGP online auctions are “live” (open and able to receive bids) for a specified time period which is no less than 24 hours. During the sale, once you have created an account, registered, received a bidder number then you can enter a bid in the box provided next to each item on the item catalog page. At the bottom of the catalog page, enter your BIDDER NUMBER and entire EMAIL ADDRESS to submit the bid(s). You must then CONFIRM your bids (you need to press submit twice).

Automatic Bidding (Max Bid): If you wish to place an Automatic or Max Bid on an item where the system will automatically bid for you, here are the simple steps: If the item you are currently bidding on has a next incremental Bid of $100, by placing a MAX Bid of slightly higher than that amount for example $1,000. The system will accept your Bid of only $100 and will only increase your bid if another bidder bids higher than your current bid, up to the $1,000 threshold or Max Bid. The Auto-Bid or Max Bid feature is an excellent way for you as a bidder to not have to continuously monitor the sale.

Reserve Prices: Some items may have a Reserve, or a price at which the Seller is obligated to sell the item. Reserve prices act to protect the seller’s financial interest in an item. While the actual Reserve Price is not made public, items with Reserves will be clearly marked if they are met or unmet. If the highest bid is below the Reserve Price, the Seller may, at his or her discretion, sell the asset at that price, but is not obligated to do so. HGP will contact you after the sale if the seller wants to accept your offer.

Closing Times & Automatic Time Extension: Items close a different times throughout the day the auction is scheduled to close. Please be sure the check the time the specific auction starts to close. Lots have a staggered ending time, typically one lot every minute, but for larger auctions it could be two, three or four lots every minute. On the day the auction is set to close, the end time for each lot will be shown. In addition there is an Automatic Time Extension. A lot must not recieve any bids within the last five minutes of its closing time for it to close. If a bid is placed in the last five minutes of a lot closing, it will automatically extend an additional five minutes when the closing time is reached. Again, a lot must not recieve any bids within the last five minutes for it to close.

Viewing Your Bids: To see only the items on which you placed bids, scroll to the bottom of the catalog page, enter your bidder number and password and click “Review Bids.” To see if you are the high bidder for these items, either look in the “High Bidder” column for your bidder number or look in the “Next Bid Required” column. Items where you are NOT the high bidder are marked with a small red arrow to the left of the price.

Invoices: Successful bidders should expect an invoice within 1 business day of the end of the auction. This invoice will be sent to the email address used when registering. See the sale’s details page for actual payment terms and conditions.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.