HGP recognizes that in certain plant closings and business insolvency there may be a far greater return to stake holders through bulk sales and partially bundled offerings. As a full service asset advisor, our mission is always to maximize our client’s recovery. HGP may recommend various approaches to equipment sales, including but not limited to offering patents, technology, customer lists, and leasehold improvements with the tangible capital assets in aggregate. We often deploy a hybrid approach where we can control risk mitigation by stratifying the assets into multiple bulk and piecemeal offerings.

We can confirm sales in realtime, enabling us to determine if complete enterprise offers with select assets grouped or if the sum of the individual items within the facility is of greater value. In some sales the sum have a greater value than an aggregate purchase, so we are always poised to accept which ever yields a greater return for the seller.

Our experience is extensive and includes both private sector offerings as well as structured 363 sales under Federal bankruptcy code.

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