Integrity Excellence Solutions

Twenty five year old Heritage Equity Partnersis a boutique, highly specialized, investment-banking firm that does one thing and one thing only – provides financial solutions for distressed businesses and properties.

Recognized as the nation’s leader in maximizing value for companies and properties, we use a proven process that has provided solutions for over 350 clients in a vast array of industries in 44 of the 50 States, preserving in excess of 35,000 jobs

Our Process

  • Identifies real options to allow owners to continue operations.
  • Is conducted on a time schedule of sixty days or less.
  • Sets a deadline for a transaction, versus when one “might” occur.
  • Provides a commercially reasonable basis for establishing fair market value – critical to persuading others to accept your plan, maximizing value, and fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility.

We Will …

  • Develop a tailored, intensive, and exhaustive marketing program designed to attract a wide spectrum of investors.
  • Assign a partner to personally handle every investor/buyer interaction.
  • Keep you informed via weekly written reports, emails, and scheduled telephone calls so you can focus on running your business.
  • Continually and creatively “twist the Rubik’s Cube” to achieve your objectives.
  • Work closely with your attorneys and other advisors.
  • Manage the closing process. Many people talk, but it takes a professional to impel people to wire funds.

In short, we will turn over every stone for you. And, bear in mind, we earn no fee unless you select a solution and it is implemented. Heritage Equity Partners can help you achieve your objectives in a financially troubled situation. At no cost to you, we are happy to meet with you and evaluate your situation.