Auction Payment

Sale Currency: USD ($) unless otherwise stated

Payment Methods

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Check
  3. Purchase Order (Select University buyers)

Wire Transfer:

  • Winning bidders will be emailed wire instructions along with your invoice
  • This is the preferred payment method
  • You must include the auction name and your bidder number with the wire


  • Payment can be made by check, but Buyers will NOT be issued a PAID IN FULL invoice until the money clears
  • Checks can be sent to:
    Heritage Global Partners
    12625 High Bluff Drive
    Suite 305
    San Diego, CA, 92130
  • On the check, please write your Invoice #

Credit Cards:

  • Credit Cards are used when registering but not automatically charged
  • Buyers can pay by Credit Card by contacting us after the auction and paying over the phone
  • We do NOT accept Credit Card payment on invoices over $1,000
  • A 3% surcharge will be added to the buyers invoice in the event of a Credit Card payment
  • We reserve the right to reject use of a Credit Card at our full discretion

Purchase Order:

  • Depending on the auction, HGP may elect to allow Universities and certain research organizations to pay by Purchase Order
  • HGP will determine the amount of days for the payment terms, based on each specific auction (PO’s typically need to be 7-15 day payment terms)
  • Buyers will not be provided a PAID IN FULL invoice until the money is received (although receipt of a PO will not penalize you for payment received after the deadline)

Sales Tax:

  • Sales Tax will be charged unless the buyer is tax exempt or exporting
  • If the buyer is tax exempt, please provide us your exemption form
  • The tax exemption form must be the same as the state where the assets are located
  • If the buyer is not tax exempt, sales tax based on the asset location will automatically be applied
  • Buyers shipping out of the State (or Country) will be reimbursed sales tax when they provide HGP a Bill of Lading or other relevant shipping document showing the item has been exported
  • Domestic buyers are provided 30 days post auction to provide this documentation, and international buyers are allowed 90
  • Visit this page for tax exemption forms

Authorized Agent Release Form

  • Buyers may either pick-up the assets themselves or contract with a third party to arrange for asset removal, packing, rigging, or shipping
  • If the person picking up and removing equipment from an auction or sale location will be someone other than the registered bidder at that sale, the registered bidder must establish that person/company as an “Authorized Agent” by completing the following form
  • Agent Release Authorization Form