Heritage Global Capital provides financing for transitional situations that call for a creative lending involving non-traditional, individualized financing products and solutions secured by fixed assets to companies facing short to medium term loans and leasing needs. Our primary objective is to provide “alternative financing” solutions to businesses unable to access the traditional range of financing options due to a perceived heightened risk profile.

    Leveraging Heritage Global’s expertise in valuing assets at every phase of their useful lives, HGC is able to determine actual collateral values and their associated depreciation schedules more accurately than traditional lenders. This strategic advantage enables HGC to frequently provide more aggressive financing terms than many other lenders in the marketplace.

    As a non-regulated entity, we are able to provide structured financing that banks cannot, or are unwilling to, provide. This allows us to provide our clients with smooth, transitional lending and to offer a strategic tool to any client going through a period of growth or restructuring. We understand and underwrite tangible assets owned by our clients, are agnostic regarding asset categories, and underwrite loans and leases, both refinancing and new asset purchases, from $1 million up to $30 million.  All of our transactions must be supported by equipment and/or real estate, with loan-to-value ratios determined by the particular circumstances of each situation.

    Heritage Global Capital is committed to successfully guiding our clients through transitional financing needs for situations that may be considered “riskier situations” by traditional banks.  We are not “here today, gone tomorrow”, and are focused on helping our clients recognize a successful transition towards the profitability and growth of their organization.

    FAST AND FLEXIBLE FINANCING – how can we help with your financing needs?

    HGC’s transactions range in size from $1,000,000 to $30,000,000 with terms ranging from 3 to 7 years. Loan and lease payments, interest rates, fees and amortization are determined based on the particular situation we are reviewing and we can typically provide initial feedback within a few business days of receipt of the initial due diligence items required for our review.

    HGC’s decision   to move forward with a transaction is predicated on the value of the equipment over the life of the transaction, which is why our asset valuation team is so helpful in allowing us to provide our clients with quick and specialized solutions for their financing needs.

    We strive to be an important financial partner to a business at any stage of its existence. Whether we are providing refinancing to unlock equity and availability in existing assets, or providing financing for new purchases, we will work with you to find the best solutions.

    Products and Situations in which HGC may be a strong financial partner:

    • Growth Financing, Distressed Lending, Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) Financing & Acquisition Financing
    • Term Loans, True Leases, Capital Leases and Sale-Leasebacks
    • Middle Market entities that are asset intensive (ie: construction, transportation, energy, manufacturing)
    • Transactions from $1mm to $30 million
    • Refinancing and new purchases
    • Terms from three to seven years
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    Heritage Global Capital, by our nature and abilities, focuses on serving as “Collateral Lenders” rather than “Cash Flow Lenders”, giving us the capability of serving clients going through distressed times.  As collateral lenders, we focus on clients who are “asset intensive”.  Many of these sectors and asset categories will be a natural fit for our services.  Below are typical industry and asset types that we serve.

    • Manufacturing and Industrial
    • Construction
    • Rail
    • Mining
    • Trucking –  Tractors and Trailers
    • Oil & Gas, alternative energy
    • Marine
    • Aircraft
    • Logging/Forestry
    • Motor Coaches/School Buses
    • Medical equipment
    • Chemical, food and other processing
    • Commercial Real Estate (owner occupied)