The Heritage Global Partners brand stands for marketing accuracy and integrity, and our client is always our first consideration.

Our marketing mantra is that we always treat every dollar, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and media placement as if it’s our own money and assets, whether we are advancing client marketing funds or absorbing the cost internally.

We know market making is accomplished through the diligent targeting of the correct audience and through individual analysis and research.  You will never hear our campaign marketing team tell you we have a million buyers in our database when you’re selling specialized equipment. A lesson learned through experience is that market penetration is never accomplished through high cost market saturation.

Your assets and money always come first.   Our campaigns never use a shotgun approach to build our brand with your assets. If we know there are no domestic buyers, our campaigns will focus offshore, with proper translations and with expert global partners providing regional databases and detailed specifications.

We combine world class SEO search marketing and highly targeted key words with follow through.  If we believe we have isolated the exact six hundred highest and best users through our analysis of installed asset base and plant productivity, we employ old-fashioned, time tested personal phone calls to insure that not one user has missed our email campaigns.  Our database is constantly changing and updated to add today’s buyers and remove stale and costly duplication. We pride ourselves in being on target and on the money.

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