The flame is burning low at Candlestick Park, and with the final event there just a couple of weeks way — Paul McCartney’s farewell concert — the owners are holding an “everything must go” online auction.

And by everything, the auctioneers mean everything. The coveted stadium seats went up for sale a few weeks age, but some not-so-obvious keepsakes will now go the highest bidder — including the copper wiring, scoreboards and laundry machines nestled deep in the bowels of the storied stadium.

The auction, hosted online from Sept. 10 through 12, will be administered by Heritage Global Partners, which has overseen the sale of assets from such famous and infamous entities as Solyndra,  and Enron.

When Enron hit the auction block, the 5-foot, crooked, stainless steel “E” icon, which was ubiquitous in media coverage of the company’s misdeeds, sold for $44,000, said Nick Dove, director of sales for Heritage Global Partners.

The items up for sale from Candlestick may not be quite so iconic. Among them are more than a few 150-foot-tall stadium light towers, boilers, generators, broadcast equipment and a 9-by-18-foot scoreboard — perfect if you have a couple hundred square feet of wall space you’re trying to fill in your sports den.

Despite the non-sentimentality of bringing home a 60-foot light pole from the Candlestick parking lot, the auction will be a special one for Dove, whose family has run the company for 80 years and has been a 49ers season ticket holder for as long as he can remember.

“We’re Bay Area natives,” he said. “We’ve had season tickets to the Giants and 49ers for years, so this sale means something special for our family.”

To see which piece of industrial memorabilia you might want to bid on, check out the slideshow above or the full list of items up for sale.

Or, of you want to check out some of the items in person, there will be a public preview from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 9 at Candlestick.


Need some stadium lights? A scoreboard? Candlestick cast-offs heading to auction block