Our Virtual Data Rooms are set up as a central repository of data relating to companies or divisions being acquired or sold. It makes the Due Diligence process more efficient and secure. The Virtual Data Room enables the interested parties to view and share large volumes of information relating to the business in a controlled environment. Confidentiality is paramount and strict controls for viewing, copying and printing are imposed.

The Virtual Data Room is accessible 24/7 over the allowed period. With a Virtual Data Room, documents reach the interested parties in a more efficient and timely manner.

A Virtual Data Room is quick. to set up. Scanned data and existing electronic files can be mixed, information can be added or eliminated at anytime and any or all information can be restricted to any or all registered viewers at any time. There is an Administrator for the Virtual Data Room that is responsible for providing access to interested parties in a transaction.

The Administrator has the ability to customize each individual user’s access to the Virtual Data Room, and users can be added or removed quickly and easily.

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