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Key Assets

Welcome To HGP’s Pharmaceutical Marketplace. Browse Our Inventory Of Quality Biotech and Pharmaceutical Assets Excess to Needs of Our Global Clients.

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Assets Formerly of Aptuit

  • Walker Filter & Drying Process System in Isolator
  • Hastelloy C276 200 Gallon Reactor
  • Pfaudler 250 gallon low temperature capable glass lined reactor
  • 28 sq ft Astrocosmos Tantalum Heat Exchanger
  • Baffle for glass lined 300 gallon Rx. New

Assets Formerly of Rock Creek

  • Klockner Cp-1200, P-3000 Blister Machine And Cartoner Packaging Line S/N 325bpp
  • Colton Tablet Press, 16 Position. Manual. With Feed Hopper. 480v
  •  (2) Scandia Packaging Machine Co. Alim Cartoner Sn# 4566.
  • Schroeder Machines 2600 Case Packer Sn# 5599
  • Schroeder Machines 2500 Case Packer In Crate Never Used. Sn# 5633
  • Perry Industries 8″ X 20″ Pulverizer. Sn# 129
  • Garvens Automation S2 Checkweigher Sn# 320784

Assets Formerly of Boehringer Ingelheim

  • T-21 Hamo Parts Washer, S/S
  • Pharmacia Biotech Chromatography Column, Type 450v-200-400, S/S
  • Lb Bohle Bin Hanlder, Model Hs400, S/S
  • Lb Bohle Bin Hanlder, Model Hs400, S/S
  • T-420 Hamo Parts Washer, S/S
  • Fedegari Autoclave, Model Fof3sp, S/S
  • Mrw-800 Mengibar Rotary Washer, S/S
  • Girton Bedding Dispenser, Model Bd96b
  •  Bausch & Stroebel Tray Loader, Model Me510
  • Sahara Dual Desiccant Air Dryer, Model T-50

Assets Formerly of Allon

  • 25 Liter Powrex Granulating Mixer, S/S
  • Lab-Plant Uk Spray Dryer, S/S And Glass,
  • 2/1 Quart P-K Yolk Style Mixer, S/S
  • Ph 106/Dms Korsch Tablet Press, 6 Station
  • Manesty Drycota Tablet Press, 16 Station
  • QJ-230 LCI Fuji Paudal Marumerizer, S/S
  • Fuji Paudal Basket Granulator

Assets Formerly of Atrium

  • IMA ZAN40F Capsule Fill Machine. Capsule Size 00
  • Capsugel Ultra 8 Capsule Filling Machine Size 1
  • Capsugel Cap 8 Capsule Filling Machine  Size 00
  • Capsugel Ultra 8 Capsule Filling Machine Size 1