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Heritage Global Partners is a leading, full service, global auction and asset advisory firm.  Our managing partners, Ross and Kirk Dove*, bring over a half century of worldwide experience and expertise in virtually every industrial sector and geography. Together they have conducted over 4,000 industrial auctions, spanning 30 countries.  As industry pioneers, they have developed asset recovery programs that have been embraced by many of  the world’s biggest companies as listed by Forbes Magazine: The Global 2000.

Our staff brings a wealth of industrial, technical, and professional experience, having served decades in the business as industry leaders.

Projects of all sizes are conducted with a dedication to insure our clients always achieve the highest possible value for all assets entrusted to us.  We accomplish this through the experience and knowledge that can only be developed through lessons learned over time.  Every single auction campaign, large and small, is treated as a unique event with its own customized strategy.  True value can only be achieved when the world’s most informed experts collaborate together to ensure that maximum global exposure is achieved on every asset, every time.

This is accomplished through the largest global network of real experts ever assembled in our industry, which includes specialists ranging in size from boutique industry sector experts to large multinational remarketers, refurbishers, as well as corporate procurement professionals.

Our partner network was created with an understanding that we fully recognize there is never one firm that can possibly possess in-house only skills that offer the perfect profile for all projects in all countries.  HGP was built on the principle that our clients always deserve to be served by the best in class combination of in-house professionals merged with the global resources of our powerful network.  Since each asset class in each individual geography demands a different strategy, we are uniquely positioned to move immediately on projects of any size.  This extensive network of knowledgeable professionals, coupled with our world class team assures you that your assets will never be placed in cookie-cutter events but always stand alone with total attention and focus.

The key to our corporate strategy is that all projects follow a detailed and rigid planning process.  The concept of throwing assets on a website to see what happens is one in which we are diametrically opposed.  We understand the broad and deep complexities necessary to create maximum value.  As an example, if we believe that your assets can potentially diminish in value through market saturation in a specific economic cycle, we may recommend stratification into a timed released series of events to ensure enhanced competitive bidding.  These kinds of strategies are accomplished because on projects of all sizes there is always active involvement from our senior management.

Our fees are always competitive and flexible.  Our goal is to be able to adjust to market conditions and client needs.  Under all circumstances, the cost for our extensive network of global partners is absorbed by HGP and never billed as an add-on to our clients.  Each project begins with a shared definition of success with our client and an agreement on the precise scope of services we provide.  From day one, we deliver written metrics that are guidelines on both how we measure ourselves and how you will be able to measure the success of our campaign.

In order to maintain the highest of standards, we have established a set of key metrics, which include daily reporting and project tracking along with time tested analysis, such as number of pageviews versus installed base of any asset by country, number of pageviews compared with past campaigns, ratios of registered bidders that are resellers versus end users, and much more.  We focus on hitting our target by understanding the metrics that matter, and these are always communicated to our clients.

To us, it’s all about sharing the same definition of success, so we can continue a legacy of building and developing long lasting relationships that honor our trusted clients, colleagues, partners, long standing purchasers, and the ever present legacy of our founders’ auctioneering history.