Sale Currency: USD – United States Dollars (unless otherwise stated)

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express)
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Wire Transfer †1
  • Company Check (only if accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee)

Wire Transfer – Please refer to  the email message that accompanied your invoice for specific wire instructions. NOTE: You must include the auction name, your name, and your bidder number with the wire details.

Checks with a Bank Letter of Guarantee – When processing payments by check(s), buyers must send check(s) to the address below (unless otherwise stated).

Send envelopes to:
Heritage Global Partners
Attn: Auction Accounting
330 Hatch Dr.
Foster City, CA  94404

On the check, please write:
Auction/Sale Name
Buyer Number
Instructions for Mailing Checks or Certified Funds:

  1. Please use a trackable method of postage (eg. Fedex, UPS, USPS Priority Mail)
  2. Please choose “Overnight” or “2-day” delivery options only. Payments not received within three business days of the sale may cause the items to be considered abandoned and items may be re-sold.
  3. Include a copy of the invoice in the envelope, if possible.
  4. All company checks MUST be accompanied by a Letter of Guarantee (see “Supplemental Document Requirements” below).
  5. A receptionist is available to accept personally delivered checks during normal business hours.

Sales Tax: Depends on the location of the sale and the location of the assets.

Applicable taxes will be added to the purchase price of all taxable items as a default. Taxes will be removed from the invoice after submitting appropriate documentation.  Buyers will not be issued a paid in full invoice until the documentation has been received.

To be relieved from the liability of sales and use taxes, winning bidders must either 1) be in the business of re-selling similar equipment, 2) have tax-exempt status (school, organization, etc), or 3) ship the equipment out of state. Certain restrictions apply.  Visit this page for tax exemption forms.

Supplemental Document Requirements

Authorized Agent Release Form

Buyers may either pick-up the assets themselves or contract with a third party to arrange for asset removal, packing, rigging, or shipping.

If the person picking up and removing equipment from an auction or sale location will be someone other than the registered bidder at that sale, the registered bidder must establish that person/company as an “Authorized Agent” by completing the following form:

Agent Release Authorization Form

Bank Letter of Guarantee (for payment via company check)

Payments by company check will not be accepted unless accompanied by a letter from the company’s bank, guaranteeing payment in full without condition and upon demand. This letter should be furnished to Heritage Global Partners via post mail in conjunction with the check.

Requirements for a Letter of Guarantee:

  • Letter must be on official bank letterhead.
  • IMPORTANT: Bank must state that they guarantee the payment of the check being presented. It is not sufficient for the bank to state the credit limit or balance of the individual/company.
  • Letter must state the name of the individual or company for whom the guarantee is being stated, and the check must have the same name printed on it.
  • Letter should contain the account number on which the check is to be drawn, and the check should match this same account number.
  • Letter should state an ending date after which the letter of guarantee will expire (at least seven days from sale).
  • Letter must contain a maximum amount for which the bank will guarantee. The check must not be written for more than is guaranteed by the bank.
  • Letter must be signed by a bank representative.

Example of a Letter of Guarantee:

Heritage Global Partners, Inc

330 Hatch Dr.

Foster City, CA  94404

Dear Sirs:

Please accept this letter as a statement of guarantee for XYZ Corporation.

1st National Bank will guarantee payment of the check being presented by XYZ to purchase items at your auction up to an amount no greater than $25,000.00. The account number of this check is 1234-555-321.

This letter of guarantee will be valid until Month Day , 2010.

John Greenbacks
Bank Representative

HGP is presently accepting payment for auction deposits and balace due ammounts in US dollars, via credit card or bank wire transfer.  For wire transfer instructions and credit card payment instructions, please contact us.

Please include the name of the auction and your bidder number in the contact form.  This will make it easy for us to identify the source and quickly record your payment.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.  Be sure and include the name of the auction and your bidder number.