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Sale in Conjunction with New Mill Capital and Joseph Finn Co:

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Key Assets

Global Online Auction of Surplus Lab and R&D Assets Due To

Olympus Corporation’s Discontinuing of Operations of Its Olympus Biotech Division.

Multiple Sites, MA.

•           Skyscan 1172 Micro CT Scanner Computed Com•

•           Axiocam MRM Rev 3/Firewire Trans & Zeis Micro

•           Zeiss Axioimager Research Microscope & X-cite

•           (2) Centrifuge  Allegra X-15R

•           Skyscan  1076  Micro-CT

•           NanoDropSpectrophotometer

•           VWR FreezerUPR  12.7 -86c  115v

•           Cytospin  IV

•           VWR Freezer 5603   -86c  115v

•           Meso Scale Discovery SECTOR

•           SpectroMax M5 Spectrophotometer

•           AquaMax 4000 Plate Washer

•           Waters Acquity UPLC ‘s

•           Denton DESK V HP Sputter Coater

•           Beckton Dickerson FACSCaliber with ASL

•           ABI DNA Sequencer – 16 Capillaries

•           Symphony CO2 Incubator Dual Stacker

•           Akta AcrossFlow System

•           Symphony 4417R Refrigerated Universal Centrifuges

•           7900HT RT-PCR Laser

•           Idexx Digital Imaging System

•           Pharmacia FPLC System

•           Olympus ix83 Microscope

•           HPLC – Waters Alliance System

•           Various Leica Cryostats, Microtomes, and AutoStainers

And Much More!


There are (2) unused Thermo Scientific Refrigerators and (2) unused Thermo Scientific Freezers available.

These Lots are Located at Millstone Medical, 8836 Polk Lane, Suite 100, Olive Branch, MS 38654.