Key Assets

Aviation Sector Sale: Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of Major Aviation Manufacturing and Service Center Companies.


Consignors Include:


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Key Assets Include:

  • 6600 Line Items of MD80 Material in NEW, OH and AR Condition.
  • An almost complete PW4000 which has been disassembled for Parts.  These parts have a CLP value (When New) in excess of $4.4 Million Dollars.
  • Overhauled and Serviceable Material from B747, B737, CF6-50 and DC10.
  • Overhauled Material from CFM56-5A Engine.
  • New Surplus Expendables
  • As Removed Parts from CFM56, B737 and B747.
  • A330 Components in OH, SVC and As Removed condition.
  • High Temp Alloys (Inconel, Hastalloy) and Chrome, Vanadium, Titanium and Aluminium are available to Metals Traders.