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Hi everyone. First off, I have received over a hundred emails saying congrats on the Solyndra sale. We’ve had two complaints: One that we sold too fast, and one that we were too slow I agree with both. Fast or slow, it’s over. A moment in time frozen forever. My two eldest sons took their first turn on the auction block. If you’re a third generation auctioneer there is nothing more special than the right of passage handing the gavel to your boys. I remember like it was yesterday when my dad and grandpa said “Ross, you can sell now.” There was no auction stand. No global audience, no world wide web, but I did have three people still in the restaurant and sold all seven mops. I hope in thirty years they feel the same pride when their kids hold the gavel. The auction was killer. Three thousand bidders. Twenty countries. It is our day in the sun.

The Best. RD