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My wife Kelly has been attacking my vices – eating too much, drinking too much, etc. Because she looks so good I made a deal to dump the cigars and head to the gym. Day one I am in the sauna with six guys and the guy across says so what do you do. I say I am an auctioneer. He says that’s funny because our start up is going to our first auction at Solyndra. Do you auction guys use fake bids or is it real. I have been asked that a thousand times but never in a sauna. I said it may look like I am sweating but it’s not your question. I know those guys at HGP and if there is a reserve they don’t hide it. He said great how much will the conference table bring. I said let’s start now at $3K. Another naked guy went $4K! The auction is already heating up. I have got tons of congrats on winning this. Thank you all. Fondly. RD.