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December 16, 2010

One more day on the road then finally home for a Holiday break to rest up and reflect for the new year.  Our calendar is full of great sales and our pipeline keeps increasing.   It wasn’t easy and the business is still challenging with tons of great competitors but we did what we promised. To the HGP family – my brother, my sons and our whole team – a very special thank you for promises made and kept.  To all of our global partners and clients heartfelt appreciation for the support that helped us survive and it surely appears now thrive.  A year ago my brother promised our thunder was coming and many times over the year I questioned his weather report.    I am tired from a long and challenging year making it rain but in many ways this humble new start will go down as my favorite year. Starting the new year, we’re happily forecasting sunny skies and clear sailing.  Cheers and holiday wishes to all.  Rd