Key Assets

Welcome To The 92nd Sale Featuring State Of The Art Biopharma R&D Lab Equipment From The World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer!


  • Serialization Line Components. Please View lot# 3067 for details
  • Thar Analytical SD-SFC1P10-2 SFC System
  • Waters Acquity Ultra Performance LC System
  • Bruker MPA Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analyzer
  • GE Healthcare Image Quant LAS 4000
  • Biacore 3000 SPR Systen
  • Forte Bio Octet Molecular Analyzer
  • Olympus BX60F-3 Microscope
  • GP Instruments Protein Simple Analyzer
  • Nano String Technologies Nano String nCounter
  • Hamilton Microlab STAR Automated Liquid Handling Workstation
  • Ametek/Dycor ProMaxion Process Mass Spectrometer
  • Sartorius SC 2 Precision Microbalance
  • SympaTEC KFS Magic Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  • BD FACS CANTO II Flow Cytometer
  • And Much More!