Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Assets Formerly of Sublime Canna, A Flower to Finish Cannabis Product Manufacturer & Distributor


  • NexGen Enviro Systems Resolv‐R2 Eco Continuous Solvent Recycler
  • NexGen Enviro EWR 900+R Pneumatic Small Parts and Tool Washer
  •  AB Sciex Triple Quad LC‐MS/MS Qtrap 5500
  • Sanko SAM‐FR3 Liquid Filling and Packaging Machine
  • 24 Station Tablet Press with Tic Tac Center Tooling
  • Buchi Rotary Exavporator  (2017)
  • (2) Buchi  Reveleris X2  Flash Chromatography Systems
  • (4) Cleveland KEL25 Kettles
  •  Chemtech KD75/KD30  Two Stage Distillation Pilot Plant
  •  Summit Research SPD‐3 Thermal + Pro Kit 20L Distilation Unit
  • Explosion Proof Container for Extractor
  • And More!