Key Assets

Welcome To The 90th Sale Featuring State Of The Art Biopharma R&D Lab and Processing Equipment From The Pfizer St. Louis Location!


  • Nikon Eclipse E400 Research Microscope
  • Nikon Eclipse TX100 Inverted Microscope
  • Letsch Corp.380L Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel With Lightnin Agitator
  • Sartorius ETO Palletank Cubical Jacketed Mix 1000L
  • GE Healthcare Akta Process Chromatography System
  • Amersham Biosciences Bio Process System Chromatography System
  • Sartorius Sartoflow Chromatography System
  • Mueller Biopharm Systems Sartorius Ultrafiltration System
  • Siemens Rapidpoint 405 Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Spectrometers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Assorted Analyzers
  • Microscopes
  • Analytical and Top-Load Balances
  • Incubators
  • Centrifuges
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • ULT Freezers
  • General Lab Refrigerators and Freezers
  • And Much More!