Key Assets

Global Online Auction Of A Complete French Bread Bakery In The San Francisco Bay Area


Roll & Baguette Production Department

  • VMI SPI 400 AV spiral mixers with tubular bowl lift
  • Konig Rex Futura Multi auto dough divider/rounder (2016)
  • Mecatherm GARNIS baguette line with Tra-divider & dumper
  • Rheon V4 double lane stress free twin divider line
  • Bertrand Puma FL140 liquid leaven processor (2015)
  • 2016 Kwik Lok 907A bread slicer, bagger & bag closure

Bake Ovens, Proofers & Spiral Cooler

  • (11) Revent 620 rack bake ovens (Six installed new in 2016)
  • Werner & Pfleiderer Matador MDC-430 deck oven with auto loader
  • Werner & Pfleiderer hook & loop, and flipping tables
  • IJ White style atmospheric type spiral cooler with discharge
  • Affeldt roll counting machine, model AVN-275 with incline belt
  • 8 Door pass-thru proof box with (80) bread baking racks

Pastry and Production Support

  • Rondo reversible sheeters, calibrator & makeup line
  • Unifiller “Univeral & Spot” depositors, Hobart M802 planetary mixer
  • Benier B800 divider, Puma D1224 rounder & butter press
  • Bakon egg wash spray systems and glazing machine
  • Loiselet SPL80 spiral mixer, Jeros sheet pan cleaner, flat pan inventory
  • Pfening flour storage, sifting and auto weigh bin system


& More!