Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Quality Lab Equipment Formerly of A Bay Area Based Clinical Stage Cell and Antibody-Based Immunotherapies Company

Assets To Be Sold In PSS July Auction:

  • (2) BD FACSAria IIu Flow Cytometers
  • Applied BioSystems QuantStudio 6 Flex
  • ForteBio Octet QK3
  • Infors HT Multiotron Pro Double Stack Shaker
  • (2) DAKOCytomation CyAn
  • Beckman Coulter ACT sdiff CP
  • Perkin Elmer Victor 2
  • TGA DSC Q20
  • Miltenyi AutoMacs
  • Applied BioSystems Veriti 96 Well Thermal Cycler
  • & More!