Key Assets

Welcome To The 96th Sale Featuring State Of The Art Pharmaceutical Process and Packaging Equipment From The Pfizer Havant, UK Location.

Key Packaging Line Assets Including:

  • Uhlman Case Packer Model 4046E
  • Uhlman Palletizer Model P5020
  • Farmo Res Re-Nester RN200
  • Soco Case Sealer T10
  • Garvens Case Checkweigher S3
  • Corima De-Nester MPT 100L
  • Corima Syringe Labeler AEC 212
  • Corima Backstop Applicator SMB12
  • Farcon Thermoformer FC420
  • IMA Case Packer CP28 BA
  • Uhlman Carton Bander 3040E
  • Kora and Packmat Leaflet Inserter
  • & More!


Click To View Asset Videos:

CV28 B&S Syringe Labeler
CV28 IMA Flexa Cartoner
CV26 Libra Vial Labeler
CV26 IMA Cartoner
CV24 Marchesini Pen Labeler
CV24 IMA Flexa Cartoner
CV24 Corima Syringe Labeller
CV24 Corima FGA