Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring State of the Art Biotech and Pharmaceutical Lab Assets From Multiple Global Sellers!


  • Thermo Scientific Exactive High Resolution OrbiTrap Mass Spec
  • GE Healthcare AKTA start
  • BD Biosciences BD FACSCanto
  • Wyatt WTREOS-04 and WREX-09 OPTILAB T-REX
  • Protein Simple iCE3
  • GE In Cell Analyzer 2000
  • Thermo Sorval Lynx 6000 Superspeed Centrifuge
  • NanoSight LM14 Particle Size Concentrator
  • Beckman Coulter V-CELL XR
  • Forte BIO OCTET QK384 FB-30122
  • Beckman Coulter Ac.T 5diff CP Ac T 5diff CP Hematology Analyzer
  • Perkin Elmer Victor 3 Multilabel Counter
  • Applied Biosystems 9902 Veriti 96 Well Thermal Cycler
  • (2) NanoDrop ND-1000
  • Beckman Coulter MAX-XP Centrifuge
  • Kikusui Dry Coater Tablet Press
  • (2) Amersham AKTA Explorers
  • & More!