Key Assets

Global Online Auction of Assets Formerly from Beam Reach Solar. Over $22 Million in Original Acquisition Cost of 2014-2015 Generation Equipment!


  • Baccini/ AMAT Screen Printer
  • Asys Vision System
  • Bruce Technologies Gas Dispensing System
  • BTU Over Fortix Load/ Unload
  • Centrotherm Fume Scrubber
  • CVD Tube Diffusion Furnace
  • Epson Robot Cell
  • Large Quantities of Assorted High Vac Pumps from Edwards
  • InnoLas ILSTT-DS Laser Processing Station High Throughput Laser System
  • Laser Mech System
  • Lauffer Heat Press
  • Complete Leybold CVD Line
  • Large Quantities of Assorted Power Supplies
  • Complete PECVD Flat System
  • Schmidt CVD Oven
  • Singulus Silex
  • Spire Sun Simulator
  • TP Solar Oven D-225
  • TP Solar Oven M-225 L
  • And Much More!