Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Large Quantity of Commercial Aircraft, Engines & Associated Surplus Parts Inventory No Longer Required By iAero Thrust!

iAero Thrust Is Exiting The JT8D-219 Engine Repair Business To Focus On The CFM56 Engine Business

HGP And Cloud Have The Pleasure To Assist With Auctioning All Surplus Equipment Related To This Product Line Including:

  • JT8D-219 Test Cell:The Test cell Lot includes Bellmouth’s, Tail Pipes, Strongbacks, Air Compressors, Thrust bed, Test harnesses, ASE 2000 DAU System, various Printers, and a lot more.  Pretty much everything you need to build out your own Test Cell. This Test Cell has already been dismantled and Palletized for easy transfer. Click here to view list of all items included in this lot.
  • (19+) MD 80 Series Airframes
  • (20+) JT8D-219 Engines
  • JT8D-200 Tooling
  • Large Inventory of Rotable and Expendable Parts, Including LLP’s, various Stage Blades
  • Support Machinery and Equipment
  • & More!


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