Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Surplus Assets From The Largest Cannabis Cultivator, Producer, & Full-Service Brand Fulfillment Partner In The State Of Nevada!


  • (2019) Natoli NP-255-22 Tablet Press
  • Bosch Packing Technology, Inc. Pack 102 Horizontal Flow Wrapper
  • Patterson-Kelly 2 Cubic Foot Liquid-Solids Twin Shell V-Blender
  • Ishida Co. Ltd. “The Micro” Multihead Weigher System
  • Charles Ross & Sons Co. VSL-500L Stainless Steel Mixing Tank
  • Vitalis Q90S-MB0063 CO2 Q-Series Extraction System
  • RF Microbial Disinfecion & Sanitization System
  • Turatti 1501-025-000-02 Sizer Separator System
  • Mettler Toledo CS3600 XE/ 9477 High Speed Check Weigher System
  • Douglas Washing & Sanitizing Systems WRBO-2500U-LTW Automated Tote Wash & Dry System
  • Sweco ZS24SD Basic Drive Vibro Energy Separator
  • ATG Pharma Inc. ATC-410 Automatic Tablet Counter
  • Laser Marker System With Raycus Model RFL-P20QE3 Fiber Laser
  • Across International R-50 50-Liter Capacity Jacketed Glass Reactor System
  • C. Pardo & Sons Inc. 316 Stainless Steel 96 Gallon Capacity Jacketed Kettle
  • Selmi Chocolate Machinery Plus EX (A-1300 EX) Stainless Steel Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine
  • Binks Mobile Pneumatic Mixing Station
  • Nilfisk pn# 4089100075 Mobile Stainless Steel Hepa Filtered Cleanroom Vacuum System
  • (5) Legacy Chiller Systems PZAT22DH6 Packaged Air-Cooled 22 Ton Chillers
  • Munch Machine Mother Bucker Mobile Indoor Bucking Trimming Machine
  • And More!

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