Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring State of the Art API/Small Molecular Manufacturing Process Equipment!


  • Isolator with Filter Dryer
  • (6) Kilo Lab Reactors
  • Kaiser Optical Stystem, Huber Unistat 705 Temperature Control Unit with glass reactor and cart
  • Tolan System with Flanders Bag-in/Bag-out Filter Housing
  • Parr 4557 Reactor System
  • Hastelloy A20-C Tank
  • Hastelloy A20-S Tank
  • (12) G.S. Stainless Stainless Steel Process and Sample Tanks
  • Millipore Mobius System
  • Varian Load and Lock Column Packaging Station
  • DCI Reactor System
  • Stainless Steel Containment Isolator
  • Processing Skids
  • Glass Reactors
  • Buchi Rotovapors
  • & More!