Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Branson & Dukane Ultrasonic Welders!

Branson Ultrasonic Welders:

  • (8) Branson Model 2000X Series 40 Seal & Cut System, 4000-watt model 2000xeat 20:4.0 power supply & process controllers, Camco 601RDM 30″ six-position servo driven PLC controlled indexing parts table, Automation Direct PLC controls, 2000X ae actuator, 3.0″ cylinder, base mount, CJ-20 converter, booster, natural high-gain 3:1 booster, HyperCyl pneumatic cylinder die cutting press, heavy duty industrial grade steel frame base with fork blade inserts. Approx. New Cost: $97,000
  • (15) Branson Model 2000X 2500-watt Ultrasonic Welders, model 2000xeat 20:2.5 power supply & process controllers, 2000X ae actuator. Approx. New Cost: $32,000
  • (2) Branson 4000-watt model 2000xeat 20:4.0 Power Supplies

Dukane Ultrasonic Welders:

  • (20) Dukane Model IQ-ES Series Ultrasonic Welder, 2024.2Q-P6.S 20kHz 2400 Watt iQ-ES Press Systems, including: 20HS240-2Q-P6 – iQ-ES 2400 Watt 240V Generators with Color Display, Time, Energy, Force & Ethernet/Serial Communications capability, 43Q220-DEL – iQ Thrusters with Load cells, 43Q290 – iQ Press Support Package, 110-2510 1:1 Titanium boosters, 110-3122 Heavy Duty transducers. Approx. New Cost: $28,500

Dyna Con Conveyor:

  • DynaCon Conveyor, 12” Wide Belt, Adjustable Length. Approx., New Cost: $9,500

Inkjet Printers:

  • (5) Markem Model 5200 Touch Dry High-Resolution Inkjet Coder/Printer, includes 4′ Direct Conveyor. Approx. New Cost: $22,750