Key Assets

Global Online Auction Featuring Branson & Dukane Ultrasonic Welders!

World renown safety product manufacturer continues to release ultrasonic welders that were utilized in the production of N95 Masks to meet heightened consumer demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. These welders were purchased brand new and utilized for approximately one year. They have now been deemed redundant surplus not required for their continued growth and manufacturing in other sectors. All welders were purchased brand new from Dukane and Branson (Emerson) in 2020. Welders are complete in pristine condition with boosters excluding proprietary product nests and horns. We are pleased to present another incredible opportunity as (40)+ just arrived to our warehouse in Arizona and will be available to the highest bidders. Added value: all welders have custom fabricated mobile carts with safety caging and operator light curtains.

Branson Ultrasonic Welders

  • (6) Branson Model 2000X Series 40 Seal & Cut System, 4000-watt model 2000xeat 20:4.0 power supply & process controllers (Approx. New Cost: $97,000) (20) Branson Model 2000X 2500-watt Ultrasonic Welders, model 2000xeat 20:2.5 power supply & process controllers (Approx. New Cost: $32,000)

Dukane Ultrasonic Welders

  • (15) Dukane Model IQ-ES Series Ultrasonic Welders, 2024.2Q-P6.S 20kHz 2400 Watt iQ-ES Press Systems (New Cost: $28,500)

Dyna Con Conveyor:

  • DynaCon Conveyor, 12” Wide Belt, Adjustable Length. Approx., New Cost: $9,500

Inkjet Printers:

  • (2) Markem Model 5200 Touch Dry High-Resolution Inkjet Coder/Printer, includes 4′ Direct Conveyor. Approx. New Cost: $22,750