Key Assets

Online Auction Featuring Large Quantity of CFM56-3 Surplus Parts Inventory No Longer Required By iAero Thrust!

Large Inventory of Rotable and Expendable Parts! Click Here to View Complete List of Parts (NIS and 8130 were validated when possible, final paperwork often with the part or housed online)

Large Quantity of Tooling. Click Here to View Complete List of Tooling


  • Engine Module Stands
  • LLP’s
  • Various Tagged HPT
  • LPT Stage Blades
  • Fan Disks
  • Booster Spools
  • LPT Shafts and Cases
  • Air Seals
  • HPT Shafts
  • Nozzles

Support Machinery & Equipment:

  • Reform Model HSG-800 High Speed Grinder (YOM 2019)
  • Yaskawa Electric Type: ERDR-HP0020D-B02 E.C.I. Multi Axis Robotic Skid (YOM 2019)
  • Hexagon V17 Advantage, Blue Global “S” Coordinate Measuring Machine (YOM 2019)
  • Robotic Plasma Weld System. With ABB Robot, ABB IRB-2400-M9 Controller
  • 1 Ton Capacity Freestanding Self Supported Bridge Crane
  • Modular Lab Room. With Double Door Access, Air Conditioner, Lighting, Outlets
  • (2) LeBlond Lathe
  • San Yuen Gap Bed Lathe